The Ragged Road

In ‘The Ragged Road’, the first of two advice columns on this blog, I’ll share what I know about the craft of writing. Why “The Ragged Road”? On my advice page, where I share some of the books and websites that helped me with my writing over the past two years, I describe the path I’ve taken as  “full of potholes, ambiguous signage, and road-kill.” Achieving any success in writing is a tough slog, so you’ll need to get your Road Warrior on if you want to make it. So don your studded leather jacket, grab the keys to your Ford Falcon V8, put the Blue Heeler in the back seat, and watch this video to get you ready to take on whatever the writing road throws at you (skip to 1:00 to get to the vehicular action):



I mentioned that I’d have two columns on writing advice. The “Everything I Know About Writing I Learned From…” column, or E.I.K. for short, explores the lessons that can be learned about writing from things completely unrelated to it. What can the humble accordion teach us about story structure? Follow the column to find out.

What hard lessons have you learned about writing? Share them with your comments below.


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