Everything I Know About Writing I Learned From…

Showers are great for writers. They are a time for letting your mind wander along with your loufa, bar of soap, or other cleaning implement of choice. I roll out of bed every morning straight into the shower, and if you’re anything like me, this purgatory between sleep and wakefulness is fertile ground for the imagination. It’s when my mind really wanders.

It was just such a stroll through the swampy mists of my imagination that this thought popped into my mind – story structure is really a lot like an accordion. Accordions? Really? Yes. In fact, there are ¬†a lot of things out in the world that are unrelated to writing that¬†nonetheless, can teach us something about it. So I decided I’d blog about it in a column called “Everything I know About Writing I Learned From…”

The name is too long, isn’t it? How about we call it EIKAWIKL? Hmm, pronounced eik-a-wik-el? Saying that feels like chewing a mouthful of tacks. Lets just call it the EIK column.If the whole drawing-connections-between-unrelated-things deal isn’t your cup of tea, check out my other writing advice column, The Ragged Road, for lessons from the rough side of the writing tracks.

Right. Anyway, so how do accordions relate to writing? Come back in the coming weeks to find out. Until then, How about sharing the connections you’ve made between writing and other seemingly unrelated things? Post your comment below.


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