A Light in June

So I’ve been a bad blogger, haven’t I? June goes by, and no posts. July passes, and still no posts. Well, I hope you’ll forgive me, because I have the best excuse in the world!

Please welcome Nour, our newborn daughter. Her name means ‘Light’ in Arabic, and if you’ll forgive the cliche, she’s lit up our lives. Consider that out of the three sons my parents had, they in turn produced eight children, seven of them boys, prior to Nour’s birth. I never bought the idea that there is a 50/50 chance of having one or the other for a given couple. The bioinformatics analyst in me wonders if in fact there is a genetic disposition towards producing offspring of one or the other. But I digress.

Now that things are settling down in the A.A. Leil household, I’m finding the time to blog and write again. That means a flurry of announcements is imminent where you can read about my latest SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN blog post, take a peek at the cover art for the anthology TWO ZOMBIES WALK INTO A BAR will appear (soon!) in, and learn how I’ve been Stupefied, yet again.



  1. MaryAnn Pope says:

    Congratulations!! And what a beautiful name.

    • A.A. Leil says:

      Thank you, Mary Ann.

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