meA.A. Leil is an Egyptian-American author of speculative and contemporary fiction. His work often explores the intersection of East and West, waiting to see what happens when – at the same time – all the lights turn green. He began writing, like most hormonal teenagers do, to impress a girl. The girl wasn’t very impressed, but his high school English teachers were, and awarded him a certificate.

He then abandoned writing for the next two decades, succumbing to the notion that one’s life should be devoted to the pursuit of a good, steady job (in his case, as a bioinformatics analyst where he had the honor of working on the Human Genome Project) to pay the bills and support a family regardless of whether one loves that job or not.

Fortunately, he came to his good senses and realized that passion is the engine of success and has devoted his life to creative pursuits. This includes writing for both human (fiction) and computer (software) consumption as well as innovating products and services as a budding entrepreneur.

A.A. Leil is tolerated by his loving wife, three children and his dog. Together they live somewhere west of Boston, Massachussetts.