Speculative Fiction

1. “HoPE.” – Stupefying Stories. Rampant Loon Press Vol. 1.11. December 2012. Flash fiction. Out of Print.

2. “Two Zombies Walk Into a Bar.” Putrefying Stories. Rampant Loon PressOctober 2015. Short story.

3. “Shaheen’s Last Stand.” Kindle Direct Publishing. Feb. 2015. Novelette.

4. “Fergus Underbridge, Troll Detective.For Whom The Bell Trolls. Etling Press. December 2016. Novelette.

5. “Platinum Blonde.” Sci-Phi Journal. February 2017. Short story.

Contemporary Fiction & Memoir

1. “Voices From the Corral” – Mobius: The Journal of Social Change. Vol. 23 Issue 1. Spring 2012. Memoir short.


1. “Anti-Obesity Is Not The New Homophobia” – Scientific American Guest Blog. September 10, 2012.

2. “Scientific Arabian: Revolutions Then and Now” – Scientific American Guest Blog. June 22, 2012.

3. “The Future of Epidemiology: Next-Gen Sequencing” – Scientific American Guest Blog. April 13, 2012.

4. “Deep Thought is Dead, Long Live Deep Thought” – Scientific American Guest Blog. March 24, 2012.

Trade Journal Contributions

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